A Perf Day In LA (& The Spots You Need To Hit While You’re There)

If you follow me on social, you know I spent this last week in my fave place of all time, California. I spent the first five days in OC, bouncing around Newport Beach, Irvine and Huntington Beach, and then moved up the coast inland to the best place ever, LA, for work. If you don’t know what I do for work, I am the Brand + Relations Manager for the cutest PR firm of all time, Gal Media. (& if you need any PR as an influencer or business, DM me on IG!!) My job has yet to feel like a job for even a second, and I cannot believe that I get to call what I do “work”. 

Butttt, while on this work trip, the girls and I hit all of the must-go-to LA spots (sounds touristy but I promise it’s the best). We started our day at the Beverly Hills Hotel to get as much content for social as we could, and went to the Polo Lounge for lunch. If you are someone who wants to hunt down celebs in LA, this is your spot lol. I had grilled artichokes (my fave food) and their famous McCarthy salad which was sooo yum. If you go to Beverly Hills and don’t do the hotel, you’re totally missing out. The entire hotel is branded with pink and banana leaves and everything is just so well done there. There’s never a non-luxourious moment 💁🏼‍♀️

The next place we hit was Catch LA for dinner and this is the cutest little spot. You are greeted at entrance of the restaurant and then sent up an elevator to the rooftop where you’ll find the famous Catch LA IG spot (you know what I’m talking about) and a gorgeous ceiling made out of real flowers! For dinner here, I had filet skewers (which I love so much more than having to cut a steak – hard work lol).The atmosphere is just so cute and I love Catch so much more than your traditional steakhouse. I feel like most steakhouses are dark and the ambiance is usually a little too “sultry” for me. Like I love Maple & Ash, but I def have to be in the mood for it, and I would much rather be somewhere light and airy, yet fancy and upscale like Catch. I hiiiighly rec doing this one for dinner!

The next morning we of course had to hit Alfred on Melrose. We stayed at the La Peer in West Hollywood, which is so close to Melrose, so we went to grab our iced vanilla oat milk lattes and walked Melrose for a little. We passed one of my fave places, Melanie Grant’s Apartment, (which I have a whole post about here, Violet Gray, and Chloé! 

We had an event this day, and so the rest of our day was spent at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, where we hosted a gifting suite! The food here is so yum, and everything is vegan! Throughout the event I had hors devours, but I love the Dos Bowl without avo if you’re going for lunch! 

As far as our work trip, these were all the spots we hit and it was the best time, but if you’re spending a little more time in LA, here are some more of my fave spots that I like to always try to go to when I’m out there! 💕

My FAVE restaurant in LA is definitely Ysabel. There is not a “vibey-er” restaurant out there, I promise. It is so cute and their menu is amazing. They have the cutest patio with lights everywhere, and a really pretty bar area. The bathrooms are stocked with Aesop products and the whole experience is just so calming and cute. 

Another fave dinner spot that I love is Avra Beverly Hills. This place is so cute and the decor is mostly all white, making everything just so pretty and upscale feeling. It is right across from Rodeo and is in a really good walking location if you’re looking to do things around it!

As far as shopping, (don’t hate me, just being honest), I do not like shopping on Rodeo. It feels like such a rush over there, and is usually filled with people who just want touristy pictures. It’s super loud, everything is not a super convenient walk, and it’s just not my fave vibe. However, I love love love shopping at the Grove. The Grove is pretty close to Rodeo, and this is a much nicer place, where everything is in this shopping area and most people are there to shop. They also always have cute stores that you can’t find anywhere else like Alo and APL! 

As far as a workout, I’m not sure if either of these places are even open again or not 🙈, but I always love SoulCycle and RiseNation! Make sure you go to SoulCycle in Weho because the one in Beverly Hills is a nightmare to park at and to find the studio in general lol! For those of you who don’t know what SoulCycle is, it’s a spin class with the vibe of a literal nightclub. Real nightclubs are not my thing, so a fit version of this vibe is more for me. It’s so so fun and is a really hard workout! For those of you who haven’t heard of RiseNation, it’s a workout class with the same vibe as spin, but on a climb machine and let me tell you, this is hard AF. I love this when I need like an intense workout, but it’s definitely not one I could do every day! 

There are so many other cute shops, restaurants and spots that I love, but these are some of my faves and if you’re ever in LA, try hitting some of these and let me know your thoughts! Okay loved being your LA tour guide for the day but I’m done 💁🏼‍♀️

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