Beauty Chocolates

Beauty Chocolates

Latest obsession tiiiiime! I’m usually not a huge supplement person in any category (I wish I was better at this!), but when I saw these Sakara Beauty Chocolates, I did not hesitate to add to cart.

These taste like the best piece of chocolate you’ll ever have in your life, okay. You take 1-2 a day, and they have been clinically proven to improve skin moisture, hydration and elasticity.

They’re pieces of dark cacao full of a plant based collagen boost and coconut sugar! 🥥

They come with 30 chocolates, and I would say that I am about three weeks in to taking mine. I struggle with keeping my skin uber hydrated due to a lovely combo of living in the desert and having a dry skin type, so these have been perfect for me!

I love taking them because they taste so yum and I truly think that they have been helping improve moisture in my skin. Plus! I would much rather take my collagen boost in a piece of chocolate rather than in a pill form, or a powder form that you mix in a drink!

Collagen not only helps the skin, but also supports hair and nail growth which are just little cherries on top!

Do I need to get more on my supplement game? I mean like we’re in a pandemic and it’s 2021, I feel like I should be taking at least something lol. If you have any good recs, DM them to me on IG! @mackenzieejudgee

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Sakara Beauty Chocolates
Sakara Beauty Chocolates

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