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Is anyone else super picky when it comes to body products?! I’ve always been this way, I don’t know exactly where it comes from, all I know is I only like certain textures, scents, etc. and so when I find a body product that I love, it’s because I *actually* love it. 

First I’ll get into scrubs because I love a good exfoliant in between tanning, and also just to keep my skin super smooth! My all time favorite has to be the Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish. So this is infused with virgin coco oil, moroccan rose petals and coconut and this HAS to be like one of my fave scents ever. It’s so so good and the scrub is like a light sugar scrub that just really works well and leaves skin uber hydrated and glowy. 

Another fave scrub of mine is the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub and this is a more intense scrub to me, so I love using it to remove a tan when I’m done with it. It’s full of robusta coffee grinds, your shower will literally smell like a coffee shop when you use it, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, vita e and sea salt. I really love this one, and it is literally like buying a bag of ground coffee and using it on your skin – love. 

I also have been loving the Drunk Elephant Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub. This is another coffee scrub, but it smells so so so different then the Frank Body one. I feel like this one is a lot lighter and you can def smell the almond milk which I love. It’s a light scrub and the sugar crystals are a little bigger, so it’s a good deep exfoliant. I would rec this one when you’re feeling really dry as well!

Okay as far as lotions, I have a couple faves here as well. I really love the Lux+ Unfiltered No. 14 Conditioning Body Cream and I love the scent Santal. This is a REALLY hydrating lotion, like I can feel it the next morning after it’s been absorbing all night so she really really works. It’s full of a lot of moisturizing ingredients like vita c, hyaluronic acid, squalene, jojoba oil, shea butter, like it really couldn’t be more hydrating lol, obsessed. 

I also love the Summer Fridays Sumer Skin Nourishing Body Lotion. This one just smells like summery-coconut goodness and is one of my faves to just use all the time for anything and everything!

This is a tanning lotion I love, and I have mentioned this before – it’s really the only tanning lotion that I love. I have a whole post about how I self tan here and what I do when I self tan. But I just love the Lux+ Unfiltered N. 32 Gradual Self-Tanning Cream because it’s really hydrating, doesn’t streak, looks super natural and is actually a gradual tan. You won’t look crazy dark the next day and it just gives like a perfect natural glow. 

The last body product that you *need* is maybe not really a need, but it is def a fun and luxe body product to have and use. It’s the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Rose Gold Shimmering Body Oil and it is gorgeeeooouuusss. It is so pretty and smells like coconuts and summer. It has the prettiest little shimmer and glow that you can use on decollatoge when going out, on the legs, all over while tanning, or really just wherever you want. It’s a spray on oil which is nice because it’s super fine and you can control where it goes but I just looove!

I love all these products to keep my skin hydrated, glowy, even, tan and just looking it’s best!


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