Cleansing With Just Water?!

For those of you who may not know, I have a beauty podcast called The Blondie Beauty Podcast, and this week I brought on Founder + Creator of A Skin Guide For Rookies, Capre Cleary! We chatted about so many fun beauty topics, so for alllll the deets, you can listen to the full episode here.

But what I really want to mention and highlight from the episode is The Guide Me Wash Cloth, which is Capre’s first ever product that she’s launched! I have talked about this product a couple of times on the blog, but let me just tell you – it is a skin GAME changer. Capre gave me soooo much info on it that I didn’t know before and I am so excited to share!

Basically this is a facial wash cloth that can be used for multiple things. I have been using mine to help remove makeup, masks, etc. usually with the help of a cleanser. Well – what I didn’t know was that you can use this with literally just water. I know, *shook*. So Capre told me that The Guide Me Wash Cloth is made of sponge, and then is wrapped in this super soft blanket feeling material, which is microfiber. When you get the cloth wet, it activates the microfiber so that it can dig deep and pick up makeup, dirt, sweat, residue, physical exfoliants, you name it. 

You can 100% use a cleanser, but you do not have to! I am a huge makeup girl, (as you guys know), so I always feel like I need to double cleanse no matter what. I still do, and I like to first cleanse with a balm and second cleanse with a creamy consistency, *but* I have been trying using just water sometimes, and I am actually shocked at the results. I seriously would say that it’s getting off just as much as double cleansing does. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear makeup, or wears very little, I would highly rec just using The Guide Me Wash Cloth and just water. Cleansers can be so stripping and cause irritation! I love that this method can be super clean, yet there’s literally zero ingredients that you have to worry about harming your skin!!

Now, if you’re like me and you wear a full face almost every day, I do still think using a real cleanser with The Guide Me Wash Cloth is a good practice to do a couple times a week, but the other times I’m working on switching to just water with it. 

I literally have been cleansing in the morning, and double cleansing at night every. single. day. I have dry skin to begin with, so I’m sure you can imagine the dryness going on from all the stripping of these cleansers! 

I’m super excited to keep trying this out, and I feel like it’s been really helping my skin so far! In Australia where Capre is, they’ve been in an intense lockdown for about six weeks now, and Capre told me that she’s literally not been wearing makeup the whole time, as well as just cleansing with water and The Guide Me Wash Cloth. Her skin looked sooooo good on zoom when we recorded, I was like omg I need all your secrets!!

She was so sweet to spill all the deets, and even give you guys a discount code! Use code ‘BB10%’ on to shop till you drop! Let me know what cleansing method you try with it, I would loooove to hear! 


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