Current Non-Beauty Faves 

Am I doing a NON BEAUTY post – yes it’s happening. I feel like I have so much beauty content to share & it’s of course my fave, but I also thought it would be good to mix in some other topics from time to time. 

So here’s one of those times & I’m sharing my current non-beauty faves! These are some new things that I’ve been using often & it is a v random bunch of things, so hopefully you find something that catches your eye 💁🏼‍♀️

Overose Nudesse Candle

OMG this is one of my top three fave candles by far. I am OBSESSED & light it in my room every single day. It is a warm rose & rain scented candle that smells like a v light perfume. It is to die & I highly rec trying this one! Also the entire candle is pink so like…you know what to do. 

APL Techloom Breeze in Parchment & Leopard 

My new fave workout shoe! I feel like they’re perfect year round, but this print is especially cute going into fall. They’re this creamy color with the cutest black & tan leopard print on the bottom of the shoe. I’ve been a huge fan of APL for years & SWEAR by them. They are the only, yes the only workout shoe I’ll wear. They mold to your feet so well & are just so comf! 

Cult Gaia Gaia’s Ark Nano Crossbody 

When I saw this bag, I knew it was meant for me & I had to have it. It’s all diamonds & it is the cutest little bag. It is def on the smaller side, so make sure you’re buying it for like dinners, events, etc. There is a strap to wear it on the shoulder / crossbody, but the strap also comes off if you just want to hold it by the handle. I feel like it’s so cute & just elevates any outfit! Plus it sparkles like crazy! Obsessed! 

Chanel Shiny Goatskin Quilted Lace Up Combat Boot

I bought these this year towards the very end of winter, so like January / February & I just never really got to wear them so I’ve been so excited going into fall being able to wear these.  I know they’re going to be my fave shoe all season & I can’t wait to wear them all the time! They’re super comf & of course help elevate any look! Chanel shoes are of course an investment, but I plan on wearing these for a long long time & am just obsessed with the style! 

bkr TUTU Queen 1L Water Bottle 

Disclaimer 💁🏼‍♀️ If you click the link to this water bottle you will notice that it says ‘QUEEN OF F*CKING EVERYTHING’ on it & I LOVE it. This water bottle holds 1L & is the cutest shade of pink. The bottle is glass & the sleeve material on it is so luxe & soft feeling. It’s really comf to hold & I think the wording on it is so cute! It’s def a little *out there* but I personally love it & find it to be fun! 

24” iMac in Pink 

I work from my computer ALL day EVERY day. For the longest time I just always did everything from my MacBook which is fine & I love for travel, but I kind of wanted something bigger & just something with more features for how much I do work on screens. So, I tried out the new iMac & got it in pink of course & I love it. It’s honestly such a game changer when working & I sometimes even use my iMac & my laptop at the same time side by side to really maximize work & all the things I’m doing virtually. The screen is HUGE & it really makes a big diff in my opinion! 

GTFO Of The Sun 

I read this book cover to cover & am thinking about doing it again! I LOVED this book & found it so entertaining, educational & cute. Lauryn Bosstick basically curated all of the skincare gurus into one book to bring us a complexion & skin Bible & I’m so here for it. I literally annotated this book, took notes & followed everyone in it that I wasn’t already following before lol. It’s super educational & if you’re someone who wants to learn more about skincare, you should def read! 

Tony Bianco Marley Mule in Clear Vynalite 

These have been a fave pair of heels of mine for a while now, so they’re def not new but I wear them A LOT. They are so versatile & can be worn with literally any outfit. They’re a pointed toe, with a suede sole & a clear strap. I’ll be honest, these are not ones you wear to be comfy, but I can usually go a good 2-3 hours before I’m hurting. I think these are the perfect heels for any outfit! I love bringing them on trips especially because I can rewear them throughout the trip & they’ll go with anything – love! 

Hopefully you found something you want to try & will loooove as much as I do! 


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