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Ahhhh you guys I am finally doing the thang and I am starting a blog! I am so so excited to have this space as a place to share, relate, pour out and connect as it’s something I’ve been wanting…

Beauty Supplements For More Glow

I think that wellness is a HUGE part of beauty and plus, who doesn’t want to feel their best? I am a firm believer that if you feel like you look good, you feel good, and these supplements will help…

Prepare to get glossed with loads of beauty & lifestyle content for the everyday girl just trying to make her dreams come true! I wanted to create Blonde Inc. as a space to be authentic, connect, and share things that I am actually obsessed with and things that I actually do! Instagram is just the highlight reel, and I wanted to dive deeper on all things beauty and lifestyle!

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How To Extend Your Blowout

I looooove blowouts. LOVE them. I also have tape-in extensions and so sometimes I just don’t always want to wash my hair because I have a lot of it or I’m trying to preserve the life of my extensions, etc. …

The Best Hand Lotions!

I don’t know about you guys but my hands get so dry and cracked in colder weather and heading into fall and winter, I want to make sure that I am STOCKED up on all the hand creams and lotions…



Give Me All The Rosé Vibes

Anything that is a blush, pink or rosé gold shade, sent it my WAY. These are my favorite shades in the beauty world and I wanted to curate a guide of a ton of gorgeous monochromatic pink makeup and products…

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