How To Extend Your Blowout

I looooove blowouts. LOVE them. I also have tape-in extensions and so sometimes I just don’t always want to wash my hair because I have a lot of it or I’m trying to preserve the life of my extensions, etc. 

However, sometimes I feel like my blowouts only last for like literally 1-2 days which can be annoying. I think the typical goal would be to make your blowout last a good 3-5 days. 

Here are some tips that I have personally found to help extend a blowout for as long as possible 💁🏼‍♀️

Shower Caps!

Nothing ruins a blowout like the steam and humidity in a hot shower. A shower cap isn’t going to keep out *all* of that humidity, but it will def help. I love love love the Kitsch one because I feel like barely anything can get in there, plus it’s cute. I have the Blush one but they have so many cute ones to choose from, I’ll link them here. I love this little hack because you don’t have to worry about you hair getting wet and it will also just really help prolong your blowout. You don’t have to put it in some tight top knot and mess up your curls too which I love!

Dry Shampoos!

Now obviously this one is a given when styling dirty hair, but I really think that the right dry shampoo can make SUCH a difference in making your hair look fresh, longer. There are a million and five dry shampoos on the market, and my two faves are the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and the Playa Pure Dry Shampoo. 

The Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo is a super fine mist, which I personally love. It’s a clean formula and has sea buckthorn in it! This is a super fruit that promotes a ton of hydration to the hair. I love this because it really revives the hair without giving it that product-y texture that a lot of dry shampoos can give off. 

I also really love the Playa Pure Dry Shampoo which is another clean formula. The scent of this dry shampoo is ugh so good, I’m obsessed. It has wild rose and sunflower extract in it to help absorb excess oils, and nourish the scalp. I think this is my hands down fave dry shampoo and I would highly rec if you’re just looking to purchase one. I feel like this one really helps extend my blowouts, and again this is another one that won’t leave the product-y feel in your hair. It really just feels like your hair is fresh and clean again!

Texturizing Hair Spray!

I am normally not a hairspray girl, but getting towards the end of a blowout, I’ll sometimes use it. (I’m talking like day 4 or 5 here). I think hair spray is good if you just use a little, and I am really picky with my hairsprays. Right now, the one I’ve been actually really liking is the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray. I love that it’s a texture spray and a hairspray in one, and that you can multitask with this one. Now – this is where I get picky and don’t like most hairsprays. You will notice a texture with this product, but like you’re supposed to. It’s a texturing hair spray. So, you’ll def feel that little bit of product hold, but what I like about this one is its not hard, or crunchy or leathery feeling like I feel like most hair sprays are. This one really gives me a flexible, yet strong hold that feels healthy and so for that reason, I’m a fan of this one. 


I have pretty much switched to only using silk scrunchies in my hair anyways because real hair ties are so damaging to the hair, but especially if you are trying to prolong and extend a blowout, use silk scrunchies!!! I hate when you’ve had your hair in a top knot or in a pony even for just a quick workout and it leaves that line across your shaft. No one wants that, not cute. I’ve never ever had that problem with silk scrunchies! I think the thick ones are good for like throwing your hair in a bun for a little, but if you’re going to be working out or being active, use the thin silk scrunchies. They’ll hold your hair really well, but they won’t mess with the style of your hair which I love! I’m obsessed with the Slip Silk ones and I’ll link some of my current faves from them below. 

Manhattan Nights Skinny Scrunchies

Multi Large Scrunchies

Mega Scrunchie Set

Spa Headbands!

Another thing that I’ve found really helpful in extending my blowouts in terms of my hairline, is using a spa headband when washing my face, doing a face mask, or just want my hair out of my face. This is a really good alternative to putting your hair up too! I love using soft or silk headbands for this. Here are some of my faves –

Slip Silk Pink Knot Headband

Amazon Microfiber 2-pack Bowtie Spa Headbands

Following some of these tips will def help extend the life of your blowout and hopefully your happiness, lol. The longer we can go without washing our hair, the better right?!


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