I Started A Beauty Podcast!

Omg you guys I can’t believe I have a podcast! I truly never thought I would be someone who would have one, but I think starting my blog really made me realize how much I love talking beauty! 

It’s so fun to write about it & share with all of you on here, but I also wanted to have conversations with people & be able to talk about beauty. 

I feel like my blog is more of a space for my personal experiences with beauty & my personal knowledge, but the podcast is somewhere where I can get into other people’s routines, knowledge, fave products & all those things! 

I launched my pod about a month ago & I have been having SO much fun with it! It’s called The Blondie Beauty Podcast & I talk all things from trends, routines, products, rituals, launches, beauty science, business, gossip & so much more! 

You can find my pod on Apple Podcasts & Spotify! 💋 

You can also find it right here!

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