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The MGLA Apartment is just as relaxing as it looks on social, and the experience is so dreamy & luxurious. I have been wanting to get a facial here for *so* long, and I think about a month or two ago I saw Rosie HW post about being there again so I was like okay, that’s it – the next time in LA, I’m going. Here is everything you need to know and exactly how it went –

My facial was scheduled for 10 am this last Saturday and the Apartment is in Beverly Hills. I was staying in Newport Beach, but figured I would make the trip out to LA. The drive wasn’t horrible, but if any of you know me personally, you know I have a LOT of anxiety. (This is a whooole other post that we will get into some other time, but long story short – I was feelin extra stressed because of this drive, this was also my first time traveling since Feb 2020, I am currently juggling three jobs and am on the verge of graduating college – super exciting, but also like super stressful). I was feeling super anxious even pulling up just because my anxiety had been a little elevated all weekend, but I was ready to be in this dreamy and relaxing place.

The Apartment is so cute and tucked away in this little hideaway on Melrose, next to The Row, (um, also so obsessed with The Row – go check out their site, you will not be sorry). I rang the gold doorbell and my esthetician for the day, Frankie asked if it was me! She met me at the red door, and welcomed me in. Btw – Frankie was the sweetest person ever and I h i g h l y recommend seeing her if you go!

She walked me up the glass stairs (GORGEOUS), and sat me on the fuzzy sofa to fill out some q’s about my skin!

The entire Apartment is the cutest space ever, and is just FILLED with Chanel beauty products – for those of you that don’t know, Melanie Grant is the Official Skin Expert for Chanel. The bathrooms are filled with Aesop products and the entire place feels so whimsical, and literally like you’re in a Paris apartment of some sort.

Frankie walked me into the facial room, and handed me the bandeau robe with Melanie Grant sewn onto it, I took a few IG’s and then laid on the spa bed. For reference, I did the Hydrating Glow Facial. This facial is definitely my favorite one that I’ve ever had, and everything felt so next level. (I mean this is where Rosie and Sofia Richie get their facials, so this makes sense, right?) We did all sorts of things and Frankie was wonderful during every second.

She was also so so kind when I opened up to her about how stressed and anxious I was feeling, and she offered me a glassed bottle of Acqua Panna and told me she would try to take as much anxious energy out of me as she could. Real talk – I even had a moment of anxiety attack shaking (if you know you know, if you don’t it’s super hard to understand), and she was just so sweet. I’ve learned with my anxiety to just be open and honest about it and let it run its course, rather than bottle it in and let it turn into panic – so if you ever feel this way, you’re not alone girl 💁🏼‍♀️

Other than my mini panic attack (eek), I truly felt like I was in such an amazing and serene place. The music is just the perfect balance of relaxing, yet chic, all of the products have just the right and not too overpowering aroma, and the red light truly worked WONDERS. I am really thinking about investing in one because I could not believe how much better I felt throughout the day, and obvi how amazing my skin looked. I truly felt like the red light was working overtime throughout the day to relieve more and more stress! My facial was also full of ultra hydrators, an AHA peel, an amazing hyaluronic sheet mask, and the best massage!

After my facial, Frankie showed me the retail cabinet and omg is it my dream beauty shelfie or what, they have everything in there from Chanel, Vitners Daughter, U Beauty, Augustinus Bader, you name it.

Frankie sent me with the cutest little Melanie Grant branded shopping bag, some samples, an aftercare sheet for my peel (I had zero downtime!), and some recommended products!

This was def a very luxurious facial, and I will say, the most I have ever paid for a facial, but I honestly felt like it was worth everything and I will 100% be going back!

If you’re thinking about or wanting to go, DM me on Insta and I’ll send you the info! x

In the meantime, you can check out allll of the services that MGLA offers, and learn so much about skin here:

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