My Top 6 Hair Products

Hi you guys! I finally got back on YouTube this week and filmed my top six fave haircare products at the moment!

I have a very lengthy haircare routine (no shame), but I wanted to mention the six products that I just feel are super important to help keep your hair healthy, as well as get the job done for styling!

First off, I’ve been loving the Playa Pure Dry Shampoo to not only revive my hair but add some texture! This one leaves zero residue behind and works so well whether you’re on day one or day four hair!

I think a good heat protectant is really important and essential – especially if you have extensions!!! I love the Ouai Heat Protection Spray because I truly feel like it’s working and the mist is uber fine!

This product is a hero product for me and def a game changer in the world of volume products! The Playa Soft Volume Powder is my new fave hair product and it’s a powder that builds volume, which is sooo much better than a harsh texture spray! I also just love the way that the powder disappears into my hair and leaves nothing behind!!

Another Playa product I’ve been loving, (you guys I’m Playa obsessed), is the Playa Healing Hair Masque! It’s such an amazing masque for hair treatment nights, and I feel like my hair is so much softer and more shiny when I use this! I use it about twice a week, but go into all the deets in my yt vid!

Has anyone else tried Gisou products yet? The scent on their products is unreal, and I have been loving how well they all work also! Currently, I’m loving the Honey Infused Hair Oil. I feel like a good hair oil is essential to keep the shaft hydrated, ends mended and shine in full effect! This one is def my fave at the moment!

Another Gisou fave is the Honey Infused Hair Perfume. I am obsessed with this scent, and love doing 2-3 sprays throughout my hair to finish off my look! I love this scent so much, I even wear it as real perfume all the time!

I’ve been super into all the haircare lately and feel like it’s really paying off on my hair! I go into so much more detail on all of these in my yt vid, but wanted to give you the quick run-down on each!


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