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Makeup Brushes

I have an obsession and addiction to buying makeup brushes! There are so many to choose from, and I have spent anywhere between $1 to $200 on a brush, and I have found that price DOES NOT matter when it comes to brushes. Just because a Japanese brush goes for $200, does not always mean it will turn out to be your fave (learned that the hard way).

Most of my fave brushes actually come from Morphe, which are super affordable! I have shipped brushes from overseas, but they take so long to get, I honestly would rec just sticking with brushes you can get here! I wanted to mention some of my staples because I feel like these are the brushes I buy multiples of and keep reaching for because they just work for my personal glam routine so well!

💕 Eyes

For the eyes, I love using the Morphe M573, which is def my favorite blending brush. I use this one to start with a base, and to blend the outer V and I just love how fluffy it is and how well it blends shadows. Plus – it’s $8!!!

Another blending brush that is one of my must-haves is the Morphe E22. This one is a little more stiff and a little less stiff, so I like to use this one to blend in deeper shades. I’ll go in with deeper bronze-y shades with this one, and then will usually dip into a lighter shade to diffuse it out with the M573.

When adding any shimmers, I typically go in with my finger because I feel like the payoff is just so much better, but if you’re someone who wants to use a brush, or doesn’t want such a harsh shimmer pigment, I would use a packer brush like the Morphe M709 .

I am not a fan of going in with a straight liquid liner. It is way to harsh for me and I need something much more blended out and diffused. For this, I use a black or dark brown shadow, and I apply to the lash line with a flat liner brush, and I love this one from Morphe, the M432.

I have a million and five eye brushes that I love to use, but if I had to pick my top couple, I think I would reach for these! They’re all Morphe which is a little funny to me because I didn’t plan it to be that way, but again, the expensive brushes don’t always mean they work the best!

💕 Complexion

I am the biggest beauty blender fan and will apply my foundation with a wet sponge 99.999% of the time, but the one time I apply liquid foundation with a brush, it’s def with the Sephora Pro Core Diffuser #94. I cannot find it online and I’m praying they didn’t discontinue because I would totally buy another one! It has this unique shape at the top, where the center is slightly higher than the rest of the bristles, but it’s all a flat top brush. It’s THE best one for liquid foundation and it’s def the one to use if you like applying with a brush!

Beauty Hack!! Always apply highlighter *before* contour, blush and bronzer. Yes, before because you can really get that glow to sit into your skin and it looks so so so much more natural rather than packing shimmer on top of all your other products. Trust me and try it – game changer. For highlight, this is the perfect highlight brush and it’s the only one that I ever use for highlight! It’s another from Morphe and it’s the M532! It’s just the perfect shape, size and amount of fluffiness to get that pop of shimmer right in the perf spot!

For contouring, I always like to go in with a smaller brush. I see girls and guys sometimes go in with a huge contouring brush, and we want to sculpt the face, not contour the whole cheek – that’s why we dust with bronzer later! Here is my fave for contouring, another Morphe, the M530.

I don’t typically add blush to every look, but I do think a pop of color occasionally is super pretty! I love applying blush with the Lawless Make Me Blush Brush.

I love to dust bronzer or a shimmer powder when I finish complexion and for this, I have two fave brushes that I cannot. get. over. They are so fluffy and soft, I am obsessed. They are the Sephora Pro Powder #50, and the Sephora Pro Bronzer #80.

I truly think using the right brushes can make SUCH a difference to the way your makeup looks, and I think that investing in a couple staples will always be worth it to get that perfect glam you’re wanting! Plus – if you take care of them and wash them often, you can honestly make them last for years! Just make sure you have some good blending brushes if anything 💖


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