My V Serious Beauty Sleep Routine

beauty sleep routine

Beauty starts from within people!!!!! I preach self care so much because I truly believe that if you feel good, you will look even better! Plus, who doesn’t want to have a luxurious nighttime routine?! I take mine very seriously, partly because I’m OCD and this is my true routine, and partly because I believe it truly promotes wellness, a good state of mind, and really prepares me for a good night sleep!

First is the shower routine, and the skincare routine which are a WHOLE other post 🙈 I love to always shower at night to feel clean before getting into bed, and of course the nighttime skincare takes place here as well! I won’t get into my whole routine with all of the products on this post, but at least make sure you are double cleansing your face and sealing the deal with some kind of moisturizer or hydrating oil – if ANYTHING.

After I complete these, I like to put on pajamas that I think are cute and make me feel good! I love wearing anything silk to sleep in, and anything that just gives me the ultimate level of being comf. Here are some of my fave pj sets –

VS Satin Racerback Cami Top

VS Lace-trim Satin Short

Flora Nikrooz Victoria Solid Charm Cami Top

Flora Nikrooz Solid Charm Shorts

After I slip into my pjs, and maybe have a little nighttime snack 😉, I like to read to kind of unwind and calm my mind a little. I have a whole post on my fave books and podcasts that I will link here (link) for you guys to stalk through!

Post reading, I like to set the sleepy mood in my room and for this, I add a couple of drops of the essential oil blend I’m wanting (it’s usu Saje Spa Spirit or Saje Liquid Sunshine) into my diffuser! I have been diffusing in my room at night for like eight years you guys and it’s truly something that I have to do! I love the Saje Wellness Aroma Om Diffuser and mine is a limited edition pink one that they don’t have anymore (I know sob, I’m sorry!), but they do have the permanent one in white! I love this one because of the little light you can turn on at the bottom that duals as a little night light (anyone else scared of the dark? No shame.) I also make sure that my Alexa is playing country music (my fave), I always have the fan on, aaaand to top it off, I have a cute little pink humidifier that I turn on at night to purify the air! I got this one in the 2021 Manifestation Box from the Society Gal x Multitasky collaboration. This humidifier goes all night and then seriously like its 3pm while I’m writing this, and it is still going. It goes for like 20 hours, it’s amazing!!

Once the room is set, I’ll hop into bed and either listen to a podcast that I have on my playlist or I’ll watch a vlog – it kind of just depends on the mood I’m in! Again, I have a whole post about books and podcasts (link) if you need some podcasts recs! For vlogs, I watch a lot of diff YouTubers, but my faves are Alisha Marie, Remi Cruz, Taylor King, Negin Mirsalehi, and Rosie HW!

After this I will pray, I do it every night 😇 and then I will meditate! There are so many amazing meditations on YouTube, but I generally go for the Meditation App, the Peloton app, or the Mindful in Minutes Podcast!

I know this might seem extensive, but if you really make it a part of your routine, it is so relaxing to do and I genuinely look forward to it! There are the occasional get-home-late nights where some of this is shortened (never the shower and skincare though!!!), but for the most part, I do not go out often and I would rather stay in to do all of this and feel rested the next morning! Let me know if you guys incorporate any of these into your routine!!! Sweet dreams xo


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