My Workout-From-Home Essentials

In the last year or so, I’ve actually come to really enjoy working out at home! I feel like if I don’t need to drive to the gym, why do it?!

I used to do really heavy lifting when I was in softball, and since being done, I find that I really enjoy more lower weight, higher rep, toning and lower impact workouts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do my occasional spin class, peloton ride or bootcamp HIIT workout, but I love doing my own routines at home!

If you guys want a more detailed post on my actual workouts I would looove to write one for you guys! (Fun fact – I’m a certified personal trainer, and I don’t really use it, but I do have a lot of knowledge on the body and workouts! 😉)

But! For today’s post I wanted to go more into the workout-from-home essentials that I have found and grown to love!

First is the Bala Bands! These are the cutest little ankle/wrist weights and they come in so many colors and in different weights! I use the 1 lb weights in the color Sand , but I also really love the Blush color as well! I’ll use these throughout my workout, and sometimes I’ll even go on a walk with them on!

Another fave that I use from Bala is the Sliders in the color Charcoal. They also have them in a cute pink color, but the reason I went with the charcoal is because I knew my shoes would be on them and the charcoal never looks dirty! I love doing ab workouts and leg workouts with these!

I think resistance bands are the most essential thing you could get for an at home workout if you get anything! I use these ones and I like that there’s so many different resistance options – they’re just basic ones I googled!. There are countless workouts that you can do with these and they’re just so so useful!

Okay, idk about you guys, but I always feel like I workout a *little* harder and am a *little* more motivated when I’m obsessed with my outfit. I really think that a cute matching set is essential and will help you want to crush your fitness goals! Nothing is better than seeing that six pack in a cute matching set okayyy! I have SO many that I have curated throughout the years of working out, but I’ll link some of my more recent faves!

Alo Yoga Vapor Leopard Bra – White

All Yoga High-Waist Vapor Leopard Legging

Tan Lines Calabasas Bra in Black

Tan Lines Temescal Cyn Leggings in Black Ribbed

I also love to have my own set of weights at home just to do some basic arm and shoulder lifts! I just have a pair of pink 5 lb weights that I’ll link here!

Finally, get a cute workout bottle! There are soooo many cute reusable water bottles to pick from, but I love the one that I found from bkr. It holds one liter of water, comes in the color Tutu pink and says “Queen of F*cking Everything” on it – um yes please this water bottle was made for me. It is SO cute and it has such a soft outer layer to it, I’m obsessed!

I feel like more and more people are finding that they like working out from home more than actually going to the gym, so I hope this helps you get in the workout mood!


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