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I truly did not get the “silk” hype when Slip Silk first launched a couple years ago. I was very like – you’re telling me a different pillowcase material is going to give me better skin? No way. But! After falling in the trap of wanting silk pillowcases because they’re shiny and pretty, I started to actually notice a difference in my skin. 

I have really dry skin, as I’ve mentioned on here a lot, and I noticed that once I switched to silk pillowcases, my skincare would actually still be dewy and soft in the morning. Usually my skincare would be gone and my skin would already be dry again by morning, but the silk doesn’t absorb my skincare, and let’s my face actually do the work. I never notice it left behind on my pillowcase either, and so for me, I truly do think it helps my skin. 

I will say, and knock on wood, I have never suffered from a lot of acne and so I’m not sure how helpful it really has been in that area. But, I do have a friend with an oily skin type who breaks out all the time, and SWEARS by sleeping on silk. She really believes it’s helped her skin immensely, so it’s worth a shot right??

After noticing a diff in my skin one morning and being like omg my serums, moisturizers and oils are STILL there, I decided to do more of a “deep dive silk & skin research” moment. Basically what I found is this ish is LUXURY for your skin, it’s amazing for your hair, it’s cooler than sleeping on cotton or thread and it just feels softer, nicer and silkier (obvi). PLUS it’s better for your lash extensions!

The silk has much less friction than most other pillowcase materials and this helps with less irritation, more skincare absorption to your face rather than to your pillow, and because it absorbs less, it’s a much cleaner sleeping surface. Silk also helps to keep your body temperature cooler, and can even prevent aging – so basically it’s gold. It also is really good for your hair because it doesn’t pull it out and helps with less breakage. 

Sooo when I learned all of these benefits, I was like okay I’m going silk cray. This is where you will only want to sleep in silk from here on out. I now sleep in silk pajamas (good for overall skin), use silk pillowcases (amazing for the complexion, your hair and lash extensions), and use silk scrunchies whether I’m sleeping, going on a walk, throwing my hair in a bun, you get it 💁🏼‍♀️

It just feels so luxurious and I love finding super pretty shades because silk is uber shiny! You can find a lot of these products just on Amazon, but I’ll link the exact ones I’ve been loving!

Here are some of my faves from Slip Silk –

Slip Silk Pillowcase in Pink Queen Envelope 

Slip Silk Multi Scrunchie Set (these are amazinggg!)

& here are some of my fave silk pajama sets!

VS Satin Racerback Cami Top 

VS Lace-trim Satin Short 

Flora Nikrooz Victoria Solid Charm Cami Top 

Flora Nikrooz Victoria Solid Charm Shorts 

Satin Pajama 2-Piece Set 

Once you start getting into all the silk things, there’s no going back, it’s like an obsession. I’m like waiting for them to come out with a way to do like a soft or fuzzy silk blanket lol – try sleeping on silk and see if you notice a difference!


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