The Best Rose Scented Perfumes

I have an addiction to rose scented perfumes and I don’t know where this came from!!! I’ve always been into really woodsy, almost like masculine scented perfumes, and I def still am, but I guess I’ve opened my palette up to some florals now too 💁🏼‍♀️ 

I will say, I really will only go for anything with roses, peonies, and someee gardenia (super picky here), but I def lean towards roses if we are doing floral. 

SO! I knew this meant I had to share my top fave rose scented or rose based perfumes with you all. What I like about rose is it’s a flower that can be worn all wear round. Rose can be light and airy for the summer, but can also be deep and romantic for the winter so I’m here for it all.

Okay first up is prob one you already know because it’s so good everyone’s worn it at some point, and it’s Le Labo Rose 31. This is def a deeper rose scent, and I would wear this all year round. It also has cedar in it, which is def the one ingredient I smell other than rose. It’s like a woodsy floral, so I guess a mix of my faves and it’s just so unique in the sense that it smells prob like you wouldn’t expect. Le Labo perfumes also last me forevs, so don’t be too intimidated by the price because one spray seriously goes such a long way with Le Labo! Plus! Le Labo is cleanly formulated which is another reason I love!

This has been a fave of mine for about a year now, and I find myself reaching for it all. the. time. It’s like *really* good. It is the Ellis Brooklyn RROSE perfume, and Ellis Brooklyn is another cleanly formulated brand, so we love! This one is lighter than Rose 31, but I would def say it’s still a warm floral with notes of musk, patcouli, peony (another fave), and rhubarb. I wear this one a lot, like I really love this one and I find that it really lasts all day. Obsessed!

For those of you who aren’t into collecting perfumes, this one might not be for you, but I just adore this one and I know the price is a little eek, but for the packaging, scent and experience that comes with this perfume, I’m down for it. It’s the Louis Vuitton Rose des Vents and omg it is to die. This is your lighter floral rose if you’re looking for something not so deep. It does have pepper, and cedar, but is still lighter than Rose 31. I think I just have a thing for warmer scents, I can’t just pick a super “fresh” scent if you know what I mean 🙈 This perfume is an experience. The packaging is gorgeous, and you can choose to literally engrave on the bottle to customize, and if you take it to a Louis Vuitton store with a perfume fountain (yes, perfume FOUNTAIN), they will refill it for you – so cute. 

This is my newest rose scent find, and it has been around for a while so there’s a good chance you’ve beaten me to it, but it’s the Chloé Roses De Chloé perfume and ugh is it good. I’ve been wearing this one the most lately, and the best way I can describe this one is that it is such a true feminine rose scent. There are notes of bergamot, damascena rose essence, and amber musk. This perfume is like perfect for day time, but also works so well for nighttime. It’s like one of my faves overall for sure. I would wear this just about anywhere at anytime, so if you need a good rose scent to start out with, I would rec this one! 

I hope you find one from this post that you become obsessed with! I love switching up my perfumes and wearing diff scents. I def have my signatures, but I feel like I always stay in a similar scent range either way! 


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