The Two Skin Hacks Mane Addicts Editor, Dahvi Shira, Swears By

This week on my pod, I chatted with Dahvi Shira, who is an editor and reporter with Mane Addicts, as well as the founder of her own lifestyle blog, SkyeLyfe LA. Dahvi had SO much to spill about hair, skin, hacks, current faves, the list goes on and on! For all the details, you can hear the full epi here!

I wanted to chat about the two hacks that I thought were the most interesting that Dahvi mentioned to me and those are dermaplaning and slugging. Does anyone else *not* know what slugging is?! I had never heard about it before but it is a much cuter thing than it sounds lol 💁🏼‍♀️

Dermaplaning has been around for a while now and I feel like most people are aware of this hack, but it is one of the most game changing things you can do for your makeup application. Dahvi mentioned that if you’re acne-prone that you should contact your derm before doing at-home dermaplaning, but it is pretty easy and I’ll share my fave tool that I use. Dahvi mentioned that she dermaplanes once every couple weeks, and I would say I’m about the same.

I love using the No Mo-Stache Facial Razor. There are so many ones that you can find on Amazon, at Target, etc. but this has been my fave one that I’ve tried so far! It’s reusable, pink and super sturdy which I love. I feel like a lot of the disposable ones are a little flimsy, so I def want something that feels strong when I’m working on my face. This one also gets EVERYTHING. Like it’s really good. 

Dermaplaning basically gets all of the peach fuzz and small hairs off your face to leave your skin and complexion smooth, radiant and soft. This allows for makeup to go on flawless and seamless. It really makes the skin look more glowy and just overall softer. 

This also allows for your exfoliants to penetrate deeper as well, so for those of you who love to use salicylic, glycolic, AHAs, etc., dermaplaning is a must! Dahvi swears by it and says it is her number one skin hack!

The other skin hack that Dahvi is obsessed with, is slugging. I had NO idea what slugging was and I honestly thought she was going to tell me that I had to put some kind of slug on my face to make it smooth or something – I was scared lol. 

But! It’s actually much cuter than it sounds! So slugging comes from the texture. Dahvi explained slugging to me basically like this –

You put Vaseline somewhere to lock moisture in. Here is where people get it wrong sometimes: Vaseline doesn’t actually hydrate or moisturize – it just locks in whatever moisture is under it for the time being. Okay stay with me here – have you ever applied Vaseline to your lips all day at the beach or at a sports game or somewhere where your lips get chapped, and then they’re still hurting later? That’s because the Vaseline didn’t really do anything. 

Now, if you were to put a moisturizer on your lips or lip balm *and then* you top it with Vaseline, your lips will be extra hydrated and moisturized. So the same thing goes for really anywhere you want to do this. 

Let’s say you have a really dry patch on your face. Put your oil or moisturizer on it before bed, and then seal in that moisture with Vaseline.  The Vaseline acts as a barrier for the hydration, and can really just help you be that much more hydrated. 

Dahvi loves doing this and says the term “slugging” comes from the texture of the Vaseline. I thought this hack was so interesting and as someone with a really dry skin type, I think it will be so good to do when needed!!

For more beauty expertise from Dahvi, you can always access her work on Mane Addicts here.


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