What I Do For Self Care!

Hiiii guys! I feel like there is nothing more important than self-care – I know that everyone has been pushing is so much more during the pandemic, but I feel like this should be an all-the-time thing!!!!! Like what is life if we don’t feel good, look good, etc. right??

I feel like the things that I personally do for self-care aren’t anything crazy but I wanted to talk about what I do and maybe you’ll find something that resonates with you or that you want to try! 💖

Read! I used to haaaate and I mean hate reading. Like you could not of paid me enough money to finish a book. My mind runs at 700 mph so I used to just look at a page and be like nope I’m good. It wasn’t until I found my passion in life that I started liking to read. & by liking to read, I mean I only like to read books related to beauty, business, self-development, and entrepreneurship. I still don’t like to read real books lol – but I found that reading about what I’m passionate about was very therapeutic to me, and also super motivating to want to pursue this dream that I have of owning my own business!

Meditate! Does anyone not meditate nowadays? You def should, it’s life changing. Mediation is something I started doing a couple of years ago, and it took me a while to get into it. There were def weeks and months where I felt like I didn’t need it and didn’t really do it, and then there were times where I was like omg I need to like pull my car over right this second and meditate. Now, I try to do it every single night. I find it relaxing and it’s just a really great way to slow your mind. I’ve had anxiety my whole life, and I would say more severe anxiety in the past four to five years. I’ve learned to live with it, but there are def still times where I feel like I just need to leave and take deep breaths from whatever I’m doing. If anyone else struggles with anxiety, DM me!! I’m suuuuper open about it and have tons of tips that have helped me 🤗

Skincare! Skincare is like my actual form of therapy lol – I LOVE it. My skincare routine is long af and she’s ADVANCED. I def do it to take care of my skin and to keep myself looking and feeling my best, but I also do it because I just love the process and how everything is very strategically thought out from the order of which I use products, what products I’m using for what issues, what ingredients I want, what skincare cocktail I can mix up, you name it, if it’s skincare related, I’m there.

Face Masks! Yes, this is a branch off of skincare, but I feel like masks deserve their own category. I am in love with doing face masks. Face masks are like the OG form of self care, but I feel like the beauty industry has brought out so many interesting forms of face masks that there’s just so many to try now! I will say, I usually stay away from sheet masks, bubble masks, and any suuuuper clarifying masks because I have uber dry skin. I’m not afraid of an active formula, but I am a little picky about what I will and won’t use. I love hydrating masks, glycolic masks, and masks that are in powder form that you create into a paste. If I had to give my top three, I would say that I love the Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial, the Farmacy Honey Potion, and the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I have so many others that we could talk about though – maybe I’ll do a post just on masks 😛

Workout! This is one of my absolute fave forms of self care, I neeeeeed working out. Working out is one of the only things that also slows my mind, and is just such a good way to exert energy (& anxiety!) My fave workout is def spin class. There’s nothing else like it and the vibe is just ugh – iykyk. I also love the Peloton, lifting weights, doing HIIT training/classes and yoga! Plus it’s like an excuse to wear a cute workout set so if you don’t have the motivation to workout, buy yourself a cute set and then go to the gym and lmk how you feel

Makeup! Yes, I wear makeup every day as a part of my daily routine, but I love makeup for so many other reasons. Makeup is def my passion and I loooooove swatching shades, playing with new launches, watching tutorials, trying new glam, literally the scent of makeup, and just doing it when I’m bored or stressed. Makeup has endless possibilities and it’s very soothing to me as well! I also just love tracking when new products are launching, researching founder stories and things like that!

Vlogs! I watch a lot of vlogs you guys – I love watching them at night before bed, or while I’m curling my hair and getting ready. I love watching tutorials and main channel vids too, but vlogs are more like mindless and fun to me. I love seeing other people’s lifestyles and just seeing what my fave vloggers do I guess! I really like watching Remi Cruz, Alisha Marie and Taylor King. However, if you do want more like main channel stuff, I love Annie Lawless, (she doesn’t post a ton anymore but her old vids are good!), JadeyWadey 180, James Charles, Kylie Jenner, Vogue, & Remi Cruz’s main channel!

Podcasts! Podcasts are another thing I love for mindless reasons, and also for business/beauty reasons. I typically listen to podcasts that are in the similar topics to the books I like to read. I have a whole post on books and pods I love, but pods I’ve been very into lately are, I Suck At Life, MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth, Gloss Angeles, The Morning Toast, Breaking Beauty, Life with Marianna, and the Glossy Beauty Podcast!

Loungewear Sets! I am very lucky and have the luxury of doing online school, as well as work from home so I am at home, at my desk, on my laptop A LOT. I don’t know about you, but being in a comf and cute matching set always makes me feel waaaaay better than if I’m just in shorts and a t shirt. I love my matching sets, and I am very religious about wearing them while I work. I have accumulated quite the loungwear wardrobe over the last year or so, and I just can’t get enough of them!! Would you guys want a post on my fave lounge sets?!

Velour Robe! I don’t really wear robes around the house all morning, but I do like wearing one when I get out of the shower, and if I’m going to do it, I want one that I’m obsessed with. This is just like a little luxury that I enjoy out of the shower and it’s super warm and soft and just sets me up to be in a good mood. The one I have been loving lately is that SKIMS Velour Long Robe in the color Honey. (Honey is Kourt’s dog’s name – isn’t that the cutest thing ever??) I highly recommend this one!!

Okay phew I feel like that was a lot, but these are just some things that I like to do for myself and that are important to me! I hope you guys found something that sounds fun or relaxing to try!

Xoxoxoooo, M

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