What’s *Actually* In My Bag

I LOVE what’s in my bag videos, and I watch them way too often!! I think they are so entertaining and I love how some people have just the essentials, and others have some cray ish in there lol

I feel like my bag is pretty organized and has just the things that I need, but I wanted to share in case your bag needs a little reorganizing!

The number one thing I ALWAYS have in my bag as a germ freak, yes even pre pandemic, is hand sanitizer. I need it ALL the time and basically can’t function if it’s not with me, it’s bad 🙈 I love the Biossance Squalane Hand Sanitizer in the travel size obvi – it’s just super hydrating and has a very light scent that doesn’t ruin your perfume!

Next is my wallet, and I would hope you put your wallet in your bag too! I honestly do not carry a lot of cash, as I really don’t like to, and I hate to touch it (germ freak vibes) but I will carry some for the occasional valet or cash tip! I received this wallet as a high school graduation gift, which was let’s see about four years ago, and it is still in amazing shape! I’m always obsessed with a monogram and the best part – the inside is PINK. I also carry random cards in here like my Starbucks Gold card (if you’re also in the club, cheerssss), um my Panera Rewards Card and like really meaningful receipts. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but I keep receipts for larger purchases that I personally make, as well as receipts from a meaningful event. Like for example, I still have the receipt from the first time I ate at the Beverly Wilshire because that was just such a fun day for me. I had never been to BH and my dad took me on our way to the airport after a softball recruiting trip, and this was the exact moment I feel in love with Beverly Hills and so I’ve kept that receipt as a little reminder ever since! If you want to know, we got a lemonade and a parfait (me) and my dad got a slice of pizza and a beer, all for a nice $62 – yes welcome to Beverly Hills. Back to the wallet, this is one that I will use forever and it will never go out of style so I’lll link it for you guys! It is the Clemence Wallet in Monogram Material with Rose Ballerine Color!

You’re probs like wait what about your credit cards, debit cards, license etc.?? I like to keep those in a card case on my keys for easy access when I’m out and about! This was my “passing-my-permit-test” present when I was 15 so I’ve had this for seven years now and again she’s in perf condition! The one I use is the Monogram Key Pouch!

I also always keep a lotion in my bag because as you can probably figure out, my hands are dry af due to washing them 45x a day and hand sanitizing probably about double that. I loooove the Chanel La Creme Main because it is such a lovely scent, the lotion feels like actual silk and lasts for a while, and I am obsessed with the packaging! The cute little shape makes it easy to just bring anywhere and it looks good in IG story flatlays too 💁🏼‍♀️

We’re already on the last item in my bag! Just the essentials you guys, I’m telling you! However, I do tend to keep a couple too many lippies in my bag but I always always always have lippies. I usually don’t put a lipstick in my bag unless I’m out at night, but during the day, here are the ones that are typically in there –

Tower 28 Shine On Milky Lip Jelly Gloss in Oat

Persona Cosmetics Twilight Lip Gloss

Lawless Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Babe

Lawless Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Glazed

Okay you guys, that’s everything that’s truly in my bag at all times!!! If you feel like yours might be a little cluttered, try cleaning it out and only keeping things in there that you feel like you truly use every time you have your bag with you!


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