What’s In My Beauty Toolbox

Okay, no I don’t have an actual beauty toolbox, but it sounds cute! I wanted to share my top and fave beauty tools that I believe actually make a difference!

One of my faves is a gua sha. I love these because they really help drain the lymphatic system in the complexion and décolletage area. Here’s your mini history lesson for the day! Gua shas are actually a part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been around looooong before this skincare/crystals trend has gone viral. Gua shas are used to scrape the skin in chiropractic practices as well! But, I love using a rose quartz or white jade one of my face to help drain and balance. I also love to keep mine in my skin fridge so that it’s extra cool when I use it! I really love the shape of the one from Herbivore that I’ll link here.

Another fave of mine is an ice roller. Now – you can 100% just use real and regular ice. It’s free and it’s easy, nothing wrong with doing it this way. But, if you’re feeling boujee or would rather just have a physical tool to do the work for you, I highly rec getting an ice roller. I. love. it. I love using mine mostly in the morning to de-puff, reduce inflammation, help circulation, and it’s good overall for anti-aging and helping combat wrinkles. I currently use the Skin Gym Ice Coolie and I do love it, but I feel like I’m ready to up my game a bit so I have The Skinny Confidential’s Hot Mess Ice Roller on the way 💁🏼‍♀️

This is a new fave for me, but omg I am obsessed!! I always love Vanity Planet products and I found this one randomly and fell in loveee! It’s the Sonic Rose Quartz Beauty Bar LED Wand and it does it all. It’s a vibrating tool, so it works to increase circulation and reduce aging, it also is a warming tool, which is another great thing for circulation and it feels so good! The tool is made of rose quartz, so you’re getting all of those amazing benefits, and to top it off, the tool lights up with red LED light. Red light helps to heal, and produce collagen. I love using this tool on top of a sheet mask, moving it in the same motions you would if you were using a gua sha, but not as much pressure. 

I think this one is essential! Especially if you’re a dry skin type! I found the cutest little face mister on Amazon, and it is so perfect to use throughout the day to refresh and keep your skin hydrated. It’s super small and easy to take with you in your bag, on planes, or just anywhere! It’s the perf shade of pink, has such a fine mist, and has the cutest little heart diamond button! I’ll link it here. It’s basically the best $6.50 you’ll ever spend, and your skin will love you forevs 💁🏼‍♀️

My last fave beauty tool is a facial steamer. You know when you get a facial and they lay this warm, calming steam on you the whole time? This is literally the at-home version and it’s life changing. There are so many versions of these that you can buy, but I’ve been using the Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer for a couple years now, and it’s just so good. The power this thing has is amazing and you get a good 10-15 minutes of steam out of it. I always do post taking my makeup off, and while doing a mask! It’s so good for hydration and of course feels so luxurious to add into your routine at the end of the day!

I feel like I should come out with a beauty toolbox, lol sounds like a gap missing in the market to me! 


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