Why I’m Anti SPF

Why I’m Anti SPF

I have never been a fan of sunscreen & I know this is such an unpopular opinion in the skincare world nowadays but I just can’t stand wearing it! Here’s my thoughts – most sunscreens have a toxic ingredient called oxybenzone in them. This is just one of the many found in typical SPFs. It def is effective in blocking UV rays, but it disrupts hormones, causes skin allergies, breaks you out & has other harmful side effects. There are 12 ingredients that have been flagged in sunscreens that can cause these effects. 12!! In one product!!

There have been “cleaner” sunscreen formulas created, but I just am not a big fan of the alternative sun blockers either. Not to mention, sunscreen is the ultimate pore clogger, causing breakouts & acne.

I am someone who loves being out in the sun. Not even to get a tan (I go from white straight to red), I just genuinely love being in the sun & the heat. I know that sun can cause skin cancer & that is always a thought in my mind when I go to layout. So how do I protect myself? I believe in physical sun blockers. Yup, hats, huge sunglasses, umbrellas, towel over head, whatever works for you. 💁🏼‍♀️

I truly feel like as humans we need at least *some* sun!!! It’s literally medicine to me to sit & soak up the vita c! So yes I do sit in the sun, but I usually wear things like hats & always huge sunglasses! I typically have an umbrella always cover me when I layout & when I do let the sun hit me, it’s usually for a short amount of time.

I really think it’s all about balance & just making sure you watch how much you’re in the sun. For example, when I’m driving I always try to remember to wear sunnies, wear long sleeves, etc. & same for if I’m sitting outside at a lunch or whatever! I don’t think it needs to be overcomplicated, but I do think that you can just be conscious about your sun exposure.

If you’re someone who NEEDS sunscreen, I would recommend wearing something light like a BB cream that has face sunscreen in it, or a cleaner version of SPF like Suntegrity. I do still wear the IT! Cosmetics CC Cream from time to time and I know that there is a bit of SPF in that formula. This one has never broken me out, so I would rec this one! I am just not a fan of uber thick sunscreens – especially for the face!

I’ve heard so many other famous & well-known estheticians say the same thing so I really think it’s a ‘do your own research’ kind of deal! But! SPF or not, always always always moisturize after being in the sun! The heat will dry your skin out even if it’s for a little, so make sure to go heavy on the skin hydration!

If I could find the perf clean and not super thick SPF, I think I would be here for it, but until then we’re going big sunnies all day!!


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